This post is about how to get your product ordered for you at Jumia Kenya and receive your product by contacting a Jumia JforceConsultant/Agent.

What is Jumia?:

Jumia is an online retail shop and actually one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in Kenya and in Africa.Jumia is currently in over 20 African countries.Jumia involves buying products online and getting them delivered to your address in a few days.This idea was brought up by Jumia inorder to ensure that people do not have to move to the supermarket to buy an item,but can sit at home and get it delivered to their home or somewhere easily accessible from home.

Details about Jumia Kenya:

Jumia Kenya is the biggest online shopping platform in Kenya.The Jumia site where you should place an order from is at .After placing your order, you will receive your product in a specified period of time at the specified location during order.You can also choose a pickup station where you will pick your product after it has been delivered.

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What is a pickupstation?

A pickup station is a structure where Jumia products are delivered by Jumia.These goods are delivered upon order by customers who inturn pick up their products within 7 days of delivery.

Note:If a customer fails to pick their product within 7 days,the order will be canceled and the customer will have to reorder.

Many people countrywide make orders online via for a long time and have made it a custom.However, Jumia Kenya website sounds difficult to order for newbies therefore most people are discouraged from placing an order from Jumia.The good news is that Jumia Kenya has gone ahead and created a platform of assisting people to place an order from Jumia Kenya website.This platform is called Jumia Jforce program

What is Jumia Jforce Program?

Jumia Jforce program is a Jumia Kenya initiative to help people get their product ordered for by a Jumia Jforce Agent at Jumia Kenya and receive their product via delivery to the specific address. So, if you have been wondering and worried on how you can place an order a product from Jumia, worry no more because Jumia Kenya has its Jumia Agents also called Jforce Agents or Jforce Consultants who place orders on behalf of customers and ensure that the customer receives their product at the agreed time and at the delivery location.

Furthermore, these Jforce Agents help to search for the right product for you especially those with the best customer ratings and best seller scores to prevent you from receiving the wrong product or receiving it with malfunctions.Jforce Agents order using their own accounts so you do not have to create your own account at Jumia.

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Also, Jumia Jforce program ensures these Jumia Jforce Agents have vouchers of varying percentages depending on the minimum amount. The most common discount vouchers consist of sh 750 for orders above 10k and 20% with sh.100 maximum for any order amount no minimum.

Benefits of having a Jumia Jforce Agent to order for you.

  • The Jforce Agent does not handle your cash therefore avoids cons and scams.
  • You chose your specific address and the Jforce Agent fills for you.
  • You get the best product chosen for you.
  • You get advised on how to chose a delivery pickup station.
  • You get to chose the best payment method after advise by the Jforce Agent.
  • You receive your product in the specific address you wanted it.

The Jumia Agent will input your address of delivery, your location or the location you want the product to be delivered and other credentials. The remaining is for you to pay for your product.

How do i make payments?

The Jumia Agent will send you the payment details either mpesa or Jumia pay.You can as well decide to pay on delivery via cash or mpesa.However,getting a legit Jumia Jforce Agent is key to ensuring you place an order successfully.

Below is a banner containing the details of a Jumia Jforce Agent called James Kiarie.A Jforce agent should be able to produce identification moke the one below.

Feel free to contact him anytime and get guided on how to place an order from Jumia Kenya. For other queries also contact +254740362930 or +254790453958.

Below is a banner containing the details of  a Jumia Agent called James Kiarie. Feel free to contact him anytime and get guided on how to place an order from Jumia Kenya. For other queries also contact +254740362930 or +254790453958.
Contact Jumia Agent James Kiarie

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How to avoid getting scammed:
  • Ensure the Jumia Jforce agent is trustworthy and can produce a legit identification.
  • Do not send cash to the Jforce agent whatsoever unless you know them personally.
  • Ask the agent to send you the payment details if you are paying before delivery.
  • If you are paying on delivery,ensure you pay on receiving the product.
  • Contact Jumia customer care on 0711011011 for any queries on your orders

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~James Great