Have you just joined Jumia Jforce program and you don’t know where to start?If so,this post is for you.Here you will be guided on how to place an order on Jumia Kenya as a Jforce agent.

First of all, if you’re already a Jumia customer and have just joined the Jumia Jforce program,this will guide be easy for you.However if you are totally new to Jumia and the Jforce program ,then you just need to know how to place an order and you are good to go.Placing an order on Jumia Kenya either as a customer or as a Jforce agent is an easy process to some yet hard to others. I am writing this guide to help the latter and help avoid mistakes when placing orders at Jumia Kenya as Jforce agents.

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For those totally new to Jumia and the Jforce program, checkout this post on how to place an order on Jumia Kenya.That guide will show you how to place an order regardless of whether you’re a Jforce agent or a normal Jumia customer.However,if you’re not new to Jumia and the Jforce program , stick around to know how to you can place an order as a Jforce agent on Jumia Kenya.

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Below is a list of guidelines on how to place an order as a Jforce Agent on Jumia Kenya.

  • 1.Open the Jforce App-Sign in to the Jumia Jforce App and click on the Jumia App left down to go directly to Jumia App.If you do not have the Jumia Jforce app, then you should visit jforce.jumia.co.ke and the app will self-download into your phone.This is because the Jumia Jforce app is a web application so you cannot find it on Google play store or any other App store.If you do that and still the app does not self-download, just go to chrome and type jforce.jumia.co.ke for the purpose of following this guide.Once you are there, the screen will look similar to the one below.See the screenshot below:
  • 2.Select a Product and Add to Cart:Once redirected to the Jumia App,choose one item for the purpose of this guide.Click buy now and checkout to view the cart.You will see the item you selected with options of either removing from cart or adding increasing the amount of the item you need e.g if its a 2kg Kabras sugar package,you can increase to 2 packages or 3 packages.This depends on what the customer wants.
  • 3.Click Complete Your Order-click the complete your order button to go to the next step.
  • 4.Filling the Delivery Address-Here is where you as a Jumia Agent should be careful.This is because by default Jumia will be having the products under your account because you are the one ordering.You need to fill the address of the customer you are ordering for ,plus their full names and phone contact.Click create new address to add a new address.On completion,select the address you just created so that the window will be showing the address of the customer instead of yours.This will ensure that the product will be delivered to them since the order will be under their name.Ensure you confirm the details will the customer before going to the next step.Next,you need to ask the customer if they will pick their item at a pickup station or they will wait for the product to be delivered to their address.If they prefer the product is delivered their address,click confirm and go to the next step.If otherwise, read next step.
  • 5.Choosing a pick up station-If a customer prefers a pickupstation,inform them of the pickupstation’s location and the working hours.If they do not know the location, explain to them on how to get there or even share the google maps image of the pickup station.You will find it on the details of your order after confirmation.
  • 6.Check the appropriate field-Check the delivery option preferred by the customer and click proceed to payments.
  • 7.Go To Payments– On confirming the delivery address or the pickupstation where the product will be delivered,click go to payments.This will open a window displaying various payment methods. These payment methods include: 1.Jumia Pay– it is a method of payment which involves mpesa where you just need to make a screenshot of the mpesa details and send it to the customer to make the payment. There are other options like mpesa express,airtel and bank card payments.Choose appropriately.2.Jforce Payments-use this method to pay for the order if the customer has sent you the cash to pay for the order yourself,otherwise use the other three options.3.Mpesa On Delivery-If you chose this option ,it means that the customer will pay via mpesa when the product is delivered.Please note some products like Jumia Global have no payment on delivery, the customer has to pay before the product is delivered.4.Cash on Delivery-This means that the customer will pay for their item using cash upon delivery.Also ,note as earlier mentioned Jumia Global products do not have this option as well as option 3.
  • 8.Confirm the order details in the Summary-the next option will enable you to double check the order details you input including the delivery details and the payment method.Click confirm if satisfied with the details.
  • 9.Click Confirm Order-click confirm order to complete the order placement for the customer.

Congratulations, you have successfully placed an order on Jumia Kenya as a Jforce agent in nine easy steps.I hope this post was helpful to you.For any queries feel free to contact me via the details below.

Below is a banner containing the details of  a Jumia Agent called James Kiarie. Feel free to contact him anytime and get guided on how to place an order from Jumia Kenya. For other queries also contact +254740362930 or +254790453958.
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