Free AI Story Generator: Based on Prompt

Unlock the power of AI by generating free stories using your own prompts.

The AI story generator tool below from is 100% free and can be used by anyone in the world. This free AI story generator can generate interesting stories based on your own prompts in seconds. You can copy the AI-generated story to your clipboard so you can use it elsewhere. This free AI story generator based on prompt is powered by ChatGPT.

How to use this AI Story Generator

  1. Enter a “topic” in the space bar provided. The tool will generate a story based on your topic. You can also write a specific “prompt” of your choice so that the AI tool can understand better.
  2. Click “Generate story” and wait for the tool to generate the story.
  3. Copy” the story to your clipboard.

Start now by entering your topic/prompt below.

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