Top 5 Best Car Insurance companies in Kenya [2021]

These are the top 5 best car insurance companies as of January 2021. Looking for car insurance is a process any who owns a car must go through. Kenyastax is on hand with all the details you need to know about car insurance in Kenya. Let’s get started.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is an agreement between you and an insurance company for protection against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. In Kenya, car insurance is a legal requirement for anyone buying a new car.

What are the types of car insurance in Kenya?

  1. Third-Party Insurance cover.
  2. Third-party insurance with fire and theft cover.
  3. Comprehensive insurance.
  4. Commercial Motor vehicle insurance(PSVs).

1.Third party car insurance cover

This is the most basic car insurance cover a driver must have. As the name suggests, this insurance covers damage incurred to any third party as a result of your reckless driving. It covers damage to the third party’s car, bodily harm or property damage. The insurance, however, does not cover damage to your own vehicle or any medical expenses due to your injuries. The insurance also does not cover damage due to theft or fire. The premium costs for third party car insurance are low.

This type of insurance is best for drivers who own old or cheap cars that would not be expensive to repair in the event of an accident.

2.Third party car insurance with fire and theft cover

This type of car insurance is similar to the first one with the only difference being additional fire and theft coverage. This means that your insured vehicle will be covered in the event of a fire or theft of your car. The premium cost will be more compared to third-party car insurance.

3.Comprehensive car insurance

This type of insurance covers all that is offered by the first two above plus additional complete coverage of your car. With this package, you get covered for damage to your vehicle or its parts, emergency medical costs, and third-party coverage. The wide-range of coverage means that you pay high premium costs.

This type of insurance is best for people who own expensive cars that are costly to repair in the event of damage.

4.Commercial Motor vehicle insurance(PSVs)

This type of insurance involves owners of Public Service Vehicles(PSVs). The insured will be covered from passenger liability like lawsuits filed by passengers as a result of physical, mental or financial damage. The premium costs are charged for each passenger the vehicle will carry.

This type of insurance is for drivers who own Public Service Vehicles(PSVs) in Kenya.

Now that you know the types of car insurance covers in Kenya, let see the top 5 car insurance companies in Kenya that you should consider.

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Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya[2021]

1.CIC Car Insurance

CIC Insurance Group is also known as Commercial Insurance Company is listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and is present in many countries across East Africa. It is popular for its financial security and great customer services.CIC Motor Private insurance offers heavy motor vehicle owners nil theft excess cover, repair and coverage across the COMESA region as well as riot and commotion cover.CIC offers this policy from as low as Ksh.20,000.

2.APA Car Insurance

APA Insurance known under the Apollo brand is a company that also offers car insurance in several categories. Motor insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to fire, accidents, theft and third-party liabilities. The geographical cover is Kenya but can be extended to cover East Africa. The good thing about APA Insurance is that they have garages across the country where you can repair your vehicle cash-less.

3.Jubilee Car Insurance

Jubilee Insurance offers car insurance in two ways; third-party liability and comprehensive. The policies cover third party injury and damage to their property plus your own vehicle damage or personal injury. Jubilee offers great features such as J Drive which ensures the insured gets access to towing services and a replacement car.

4.Britam Car Insurance

Britam is perhaps the biggest insurance company as it is present in East, Central and Southern Africa. Britam offers car insurance in three categories namely Comprehensive insurance, Motor Vehicle insurance and Third-party insurance. The company is well known for providing insurance for private vehicles and PSVs.Britain has the biggest Motor Vehicle insurance portfolio.

5.UAP Old Mutual Car Insurance

UAP Old Mutual insurance also UAP Holdings Limited is a company that was formed when UAP and parent company Old Mutual merged back in 2015. The company offers car insurance in three categories. Third-party covers compensation on legal third party liability only. Third-party and fire covers compensation on legal third party liability and repair or replacement of vehicle due to damage. The other third party plan covers loss due to fire, loss due to injury, death of third party and damage to third party’s vehicle.

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