Andrea Pirlo appointed as new Juventus manager, replacing sacked Maurizio Sarri

Juventus has appointed Andrea Pirlo as their new manager after sacking Maurizio Sarri.In this post,get to know all the details about this appointment and the factors that lead to Sarri’s sacking.

Who is the new Juventus manager?

Andrea Pirlo.

Who is Andrea Pirlo?

Andrea Pirlo is a former professional footballer and current Juventus manager regarded by many as a football legend.Pirlo became known when he played exceptionally as a midfielder for Juventus,AC Milan and for the Italian national team.He has won many honours including the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

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Who is the immediate former Juventus manager?

Maurizio Sarri.

Who is Maurizio Sarri?

Maurizio Sarri who is aged 61,is an Italian professional manager who has managed a lot if clubs including Juventus recently.Sarri has also coached Chelsea for one season winning the UEFA Europa league trophy after moving from Napoli.

Maurizio Sarri
Photo by PHILIPPE DESMAZES/AFP via Getty Images

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Why was Sarri sacked by Juventus?

Maurizio Sarri was sacked after Juventus was knocked out by Lyon at the UEFA champions league round of 16.Juventus won 2-1 on the night but Lyon progressed courtesy of an away-goal.Juventus had lost three of their last four games in the Serie A finishing one-point ahead of second-placed Inter Milan.Juventus also lost to Napoli who won the 2020 Coppa Italia trophy.

How many years will Andre Pirlo coach Juventus?

Andre Pirlo will be at Juventus for two years after signing a two-year contract to coach this team.

Which team was Pirlo coaching before his appointment?

Juventus U-23 team-Pirlo had been appointed as manager of this team just nine days before his appointment as first team coach.

Juventus statement on sacking Sarri

Juve in a statement said :

“Juventus Football Club announces that Maurizio Sarri has been relieved of his post as coach of the First Team.The club would like to thank the coach for having written a new page in Juventus’ history with the victory of the ninth-consecutive championship, the culmination of a personal journey that led him to climb all the divisions of Italian football”.

Sarri leaves the club having won Juventus ninth consecutive Serie A title with a points tally of 83,the lowest in their nine-year run.

Sarri’s team lost in key finals in the Italian Supercup and Coppa Italia which Juve lost to Lazio and Napoli respectively.

Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

Juventus’ statement on Pirlo’s appointment

“Today’s choice is based on the belief that Pirlo has what it takes to lead from his debut on the bench an expert and talented squad to pursue new successes.Today begins a new chapter of his career in the world of football, as it was said almost a week ago: from Maestro to Mister,”Juve said in a statement.

Pirlo will hope to replicate successes of legend like Zinedine Zidane who has had no previous coaching experience but guided Real Madrid to win three champions league trophies in his rein.Pirlo as well has no previous coaching experience as he had just been appointed manager of Juve’s U-23 team nine days prior to this job.

Many, including Juve’s fans hope for more triumphs under Pirlo as he looks to replicate the success he achieved as professional footballer.

All in all,only time will tell.

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