Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies for young drivers,teens and other high-risk drivers[2020]

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In this post,get to know the top 10 best car insurance companies for new drivers like teens and high-risk drivers out there.Finding a car insurance company that suits you financial-wise and coverage-wise is a process many find hard.This is why here at we have researched and compiled a list of the best car insurance companies based on many factors as we will discuss ahead.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance also known as auto insurance or vehicle insurance is an agreement or contract signed between you and the insurance company meant for cars,trucks,motor-cycles or other road vehicles.The insurance protects you from the financial loss in the event of an accident,theft or fire involving your car.The insurance can also cover your car whenever its damaged for various reasons and also cover medical expenses incurred due to accidents.

Best car insurance companies for new drivers
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Who is it meant for?

Car insurance is a mandatory requirement in most countries for everyone who owns and drives a car.In this case new drivers such as teens and other high-risk drivers.

What do i mean by high-risk drivers?

High-risk drivers are those with most accidents and traffic violations in their driving history.In fact, when you apply for car insurance, the insurance company does a risk assessment to know the likelihood of you raising claims in the future.A high-risk driver would definitely get a low score in the risk-assessment and therefore pay high premiums for coverage.High-risk drivers can also include teens and other newly licensed drivers as well as the elderly.

What should you consider when choosing a car insurance company?

It is good to ensure you compare the policies of at least three insurers in your area before making your decision.Consider fundamental factors such as coverage and price.It is also a good to check on insurer’s history in terms of how the company handles claims before purchasing the insurance.”Insurance that won’t pay a claim,was a waste of money no matter the price.”says Dan Karr CEO and founder of ValChoice.Go checkout other factors to consider here.

Now that you know all that you are looking for in an insurance company,here is a table with the top 10 best insurers.We have included a JM Power rating for each.

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Best Car[Auto] Insurance Companies for new young and high-risk drivers.

CompanyJM Power
Best for
State Farm Insurance 3/5Best rates for dui
GEICO Insurance 3/5Best rates for traffic violation
American Family Insurance 3/5Teen Safe driver program
Erie Insurance 3/5Upto 20% discount for U-21 drivers.
Nationwide Insurance 3/5Offer 24/7 raodside assistance.
Allstate Insurance 3/5Offers local agent to walk you through the insurance process.
Progressive Insurance 3/5Student drivers on their own.
Dairy land N/ADrivers needing an SR-22.
Direct Auto N/ADrivers with poor credit.
USAA 5/5Newly listed in the military and their family.

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