Premier League Fixtures,Results This Weekend 2023/24

Premier League Fixtures results this weekend. The English Premier League Fixtures continue this weekend as teams battle for a place up the table. Tottenham, Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool are at the top four in the standings and will be looking to either improve their position or stick. has lined up the English Premier League fixtures and results this weekend including their kick-off times in Kenyan time(EAT), UK time(GMT), Nigerian time(WAT), South African time(CAT) and US time(ET).

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Premier League Fixtures This Weekend

DateFixtureUK Time(GMT)Kenyan Time(EAT)Nigerian Time(WAT)South Africa(CAT)US Time(ET)
Fri Dec 15Nottingham vs Tottenham20:0023:0021:0022:0015:00
Bournemouth vs Luton15:0018:0016:0017:0010:00
Chelsea vs Sheffield15:0018:0016:0017:0010:00
Man City vs Crystal Palace15:0018:0016:0017:0010:00
Newcastle vs Fulham15:0018:0016:0017:0010:00
Burnley vs Everton17:3020:3018:3019:3012:30
West Ham vs Wolves14:0017:0015:0016:0009:00
Brentford vs Aston Villa14:0017:0015:0016:0009:00
Arsenal vs Brighton14:0017:0015:0016:0009:00
Liverpool vs Man Utd16:3019:3017:3018:3012:30
English Premier League fixtures kick-off times(UK, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, USA)

Premier League Results Today

  • Nottingham 0-2 Tottenham FT
  • Newcastle 3-0 Fulham FT
  • Bournemouth 1-1 Luton Suspended (Read why)
  • Man City 2-2 Crystal Palace FT
  • Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United FT

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