Euro 2020 Groups Tables Standings: All teams that have qualified for the next stage

The Euro 2020 groups stage is now over and it ended on Wednesday with both Group E and Group F teams playing their matches to decide who goes through to the round of 16. has compiled the final Euro 2020 groups tables standings and listed all the teams that have qualified for the Euro 2020 round of 16 stage.

In Group E, Sweden and Spain finished first and second respectively after winning their matches. Sweden beat Poland 2-1 while Spain hammered Slovakia 5-0. Slovakia still qualified after finishing third while Poland crashed out after finishing fourth in the group standings.

In Group F, Germany drew 2-2- with Hungary while Portugal also drew 2-2 with France. France were the group winners with Germany in second place and Portugal third while Hungary finished fourth.

Here are the Euro 2020 groups tables standings after the conclusion of the group stages.

Euro 2020 Group A standings

Italy330070 79
Wales311132 14

Euro 2020 Group B standings

Belgium330071 69
Denmark310254 13
Finland310213 -23
Russia310227 -53

Euro 2020 Group C standings

Netherlands330082 69
Austria320143 16
Ukraine310245 -13
North Macedonia300328 -60

Euro 2020 Group D standings

England321020 27
Croatia311143 14
Czech Republic311132 14

Euro 2020 Group E standings

Sweden321042 27
Spain312061 55
Slovakia310227 -53
Poland301246 -21

Euro 2020 Group F standings

France312043 15
Germany311165 14
Portugal311176 14

Here is a list of all teams that have qualified for the Euro 2020 round of 16 stage

  1. Italy
  2. Wales
  3. Switzerland
  4. Belgium
  5. Denmark
  6. Netherlands
  7. Austria
  8. Ukraine
  9. England
  10. Croatia
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Sweden
  13. Spain
  14. France
  15. Germany
  16. Portugal

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