Explosion rocks Kano: Anxiety, tension as death toll rises

The list of people who have died from the explosion that rocked Kano mosque on Wednesday has been compiled and confirmed by the people and the residents.

The Kano mosque explosion has recorded at least 11 persons’ lives have been buried, most of them were aged people. This was confirmed by locals in the area as well as the spokesperson of the police in the state, Abdullahi Kiyawa. The resident of Gadan, a community in Gezawa LGA of the state, expressed fear that the death toll would rise, citing the severe condition of those at the hospital.

At least 11 persons have been confirmed dead from the attack on a mosque at Gadan, a community in Gezawa Local Government Area of Kano State, according to the police and locals in the area. The residents disclosed that 11 victims of the attack had so far been buried. Most of the victims were aged persons. CONTINUE READING >>>Read Full Article

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