How To Place An Order as a Jforce Agent on Jumia Kenya[2020]:Quick Guide

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Have you just joined Jumia Jforce program and you don’t know where to start?If so,this post is for you.Here you will be guided on how to place an order as a Jforce agent on Jumia Kenya.

First of all, if you’re already a Jumia customer and have just joined the Jumia Jforce program,this will guide be easy for you.

However if you are totally new to Jumia and the Jforce program ,then you just need to know how to order on Jumia and you are good to go.

Placing an order on Jumia Kenya either as a customer or as a Jforce agent is an easy process to some yet hard to others. I will try and make this guide as simple as possible to help avoid mistakes when ordering.

Checkout our visual explanation on this topic by viewing our video below:

See our guide on how to order as a Jforce agent on Jumia below.

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List Of Guidelines On How to Order as a Jforce Agent on Jumia Kenya.

  1. Open the Jforce App or go to
  2. Click the Jumia icon at the bottom.
  3. Select a Product and Add To Cart.
  4. Click the Cart icon to see your product.
  5. Click Complete your Order.
  6. Fill your Delivery Address and save.
  7. Choose a Pickupstation or select Home delivery option.
  8. Proceed to payments and select Jforce Payment method only.
  9. Double-check all the order details.
  10. Click confirm order and the order will be processed and delivered.

1.Open the Jforce App or go to

2.Click on the Jumia icon at the bottom-Youll’be directed to Jumia App.

3.Select a product then click add to cart.

4.Click Complete your order to proceed.You will be directed to the shipping address section.

5.Fill in the address of your customer correctly by clicking add new address.

6.Next,choose a pickup station or select the home/office delivery option depending on the customer’s preference.Click proceed to payments when done.

7.Choose the Jforce Payment method as the preferred payment method.

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8.Next,Click on Summary to double-check all the order details including delivery address and payment method.

9.Click Confirm when satisfied with the order details.

10.Check for a confirmation email from Jumia stating that the order has been successfully processed.

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