K24 EPL & Serie A Matches This Sunday, May 19 2024

Which game is K24 showing today? Kenyastax.com has compiled the K24 EPL matches today(this weekend) that will be aired on K24 TV for the 2023/24 Premier League season that ends this weekend. Also, find out which Serie A game will be shown on K24 today(Sunday this weekend). This page has contained K24’s EPL Maskani and Serie A matches full schedule updated every week and we are now on the final day.

The 2023/24 Premier League season ends this weekend with mouth-watering fixtures scheduled as Arsenal and Man City battle for the title. Arsenal currently sit 2 points behind leaders Man City in the table meaning the 2023/24 EPL title winners will be crowned on Sunday. A win for Arsenal and Man City will guarantee Man City win the title, while a loss for Man City and a win for Arsenal will ensure the Gunners are champions. A draw for Man City and a win for Arsenal would make it tighter because the league could be won by just goal difference. A draw for both teams will hand Man City the title. In general, Arsenal has to win against Everton to be assured of any chance to win the trophy based on Man City’s match outcome.K24 has been airing Premier League matches since the season began and now that we are at the last day, Chelsea fans will be happy because their game will be aired on K24 TV EPL Maskani.

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When did the 2023/24 Premier League season start?

The 2023/24 season started on Friday, August 11 2023 with Burnley vs Man City being the only match for the day.

When is the 2023/24 Premier League season ending?

The 2023/24 season ends this Sunday, May 19 2024 with all matches being played on this day.

Which EPL game will be shown on K24 this Sunday?

K24 EPL Maskani game this weekend(Sunday, May 19th 2024) is Chelsea vs Bournemouth at 6 pm Kenyan time(EAT), 4 pm UK time(BST), 4 pm Nigerian time(WAST), and 5 pm South African time(SAST). This match will be free for all Kenyan and East African viewers.

K24 EPL Matches Schedule Table

DateFixtureKick-off time(Kenyan Time[EAT])
12/08/2023Everton vs Fulham5 pm
19/08/2023Liverpool vs Bournemouth5 pm
26/08/2023Arsenal vs Fulham5 pm
2/09/2023Burnley vs Tottenham5 pm
16/09/2023West Ham vs Manchester City5 pm
23/09/2023Crystal Palace vs Fulham5 pm
30/09/2023Newcastle vs Burnley5 pm
07/10/2023Burnley vs Chelsea5 pm
21/10/2023Manchester City vs Brighton5 pm
28/10/2023Arsenal vs Sheffield United5 pm
4/11/2023Manchester City vs Bournemouth6 pm
11/11/2023Manchester United vs Luton Town6 pm
25/11/2023Nottingham Forest vs Brighton6 pm
2/12/2023Arsenal vs Wolves6 pm
9/12/2023Brighton vs Burnley6 pm
16/12/2023Chelsea vs Sheffield Utd6 pm
23/12/2023Tottenham vs Everton6 pm
30/12/2023Manchester City vs Sheffield Utd6 pm
13/01/2024Chelsea vs Fulham6 pm
3/2/2024Newcastle vs Luton6 pm
10/2/2024Tottenham vs Brighton6 pm
17/2/2024Burnley vs Arsenal6 pm
24/2/2024Manchester United vs Fulham6 pm
2/3/2024Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool6 pm
3/7/2024Crystal Palace vs Luton6 pm
3/30/2024Chelsea vs Burnley6 pm
4/6/2024Aston Villa vs Brentford5 pm
4/13/2024Manchester City vs Luton5 pm
4/20/2024Luton vs Brentford5 pm
4/27/2024Manchester United vs Burnley5 pm
5/4/2024Brentford vs Fulham5 pm
5/11/2024Newcastle vs Brighton5 pm
5/19/2024Chelsea vs Bournemouth6 pm
K24 match this weekend. Date format: DD/MM/YYYY

Which Serie A Game is on K24 this Sunday?

The K24 Serie A game this weekend, Sunday, May 19th 2024 is Sassuolo vs Cagliari at 1:30 pm Kenyan time(EAT).

K24 Serie A Schedule

DateFixtureKick-off time(Kenyan Time[EAT])
20/08/2023Roma vs Salernitana19:30
27/08/2023Juventus vs Bologna19:30
03/09/2023Inter Milan vs Fiorentina19:30
17/09/2023Fiorentina vs Atalanta19:00
24/09/2023Empoli vs Inter Milan13:30
22/10/2023Roma vs Monza13:30
12/11/2023Napoli vs Empoli14:30
03/12/2023Fiorentina vs Salernitana17:00
23/12/2023Frosinone vs Juventus14:30
30/12/2023AC Milan vs Sassuolo20:00
7/1/2024Torino vs Napoli17:00
4/2/2024Napoli vs Hellas Verona17:00
3/1/2024Empoli vs Cagliari17:00
1/4/2024Lecce vs AS Roma19:00
7/4/2024Monza vs Napoli16:00
21/4/2024Torino vs Frosinone16:00
12/5/2024Lazio vs Empoli13:30
19/5/2024Sassuolo vs Cagliari13:30
K24 Serie A match this weekend(Sunday) Date format: DD/MM/YYYY


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    You’re loosing a lot if you don’t know. Please bring popular matches to us not this things you’re doing nowdays. You’re pleasing your partners than us your funs

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