KBC AFCON 2024 Fixtures in Kenyan time(EAT)

KBC AFCON 2024 Fixtures in Kenyan time(EAT). AFCON 2023 is a few hours away from starting and worldwide AFCON fans especially in Africa are gearing up for the tournament. Kenya’s national team is not in the competition but Kenyan fans will be rooting for their regional neighbours Tanzania who are in the tournament. Kenyastax.com has lined up all the fixtures of the AFCON 2024 tournament including kick-off time in Kenyan time(EAT).

When does AFCON 2024 start and end?

AFCON starts today Saturday, January 13th 2024 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The tournament ends on Sunday, 11th February 2024 after a total of 52 matches played with the final match being Nigeria vs Ivory Coast at 11 pm EAT. South Africa vs DR Congo is the third-place finish match and will be played on Saturday, Feb 10th at 11 pm EAT.

The opening match today involves the hosts Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau at 11 pm Kenyan time(EAT).

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What TV Channel will show AFCON 2023 in Kenya?

KBC Channel One has acquired exclusive free-to-air rights to AFCON 2024 and has announced that it will air all the matches to its Kenyan viewers for free every day till the final.


AFCON 2024 Fixtures on KBC Channel One

DateFixtureKick-Off Time (Kenyan Time)
13th JanIvory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau5 pm
14th JanNigeria vs Equatorial Guinea11 pm
14th JanEgypt vs Mozambique5 pm
14th JanGhana vs Cape Verde8 pm
15th JanSenegal vs The Gambia11 pm
15th JanCameroon vs Guinea5 pm
15th JanAlgeria vs Angola8 pm
16th JanBurkina Faso vs Mauritania11 pm
16th JanTunisia vs Namibia5 pm
16th JanMali vs South Africa8 pm
17th JanMorocco vs Tanzania11 pm
17th JanDR Congo vs Zambia8 pm
18th JanEquatorial Guinea vs Guinea-Bissau11 pm
18th JanIvory Coast vs Nigeria5 pm
18th JanEgypt vs Ghana8 pm
19th JanCape Verde vs Mozambique11 pm
19th JanSenegal vs Cameroon5 pm
19th JanGuinea vs The Gambia8 pm
20th JanAlgeria vs Burkina Faso11 pm
20th JanMauritania vs Angola5 pm
20th JanTunisia vs Mali8 pm
21st JanMorocco vs DR Congo11 pm
21st JanZambia vs Tanzania5 pm
21st JanSouth Africa vs Namibia8 pm
22nd JanEquatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast8 pm
22nd JanGuinea-Bissau vs Nigeria8pm
22nd JanCape Verde vs Egypt11 pm
22nd JanMozambique vs Ghana11 pm
23rd JanThe Gambia vs Cameroon11 pm
23rd JanGuinea vs Senegal8 pm
23rd JanAngola vs Burkina Faso8 pm
23rd JanMauritania vs Algeria8 pm
24th JanNamibia vs Mali11 pm
24th JanSouth Africa vs Tunisia11 pm
24th JanTanzania vs DR Congo8 pm
24th JanZambia vs Morocco11 pm
27th JanAngola vs Namibia8 pm
27th JanNigeria vs Cameroon8 pm
28th JanEquatorial Guinea vs Guinea8 pm
28th Jan Egypt vs DR Congo8 pm
29th JanCape Verde vs Mauritania11 pm
29th JanSenegal vs Ivory Coast11 pm
30th JanMali vs Burkina Faso8 pm
30th JanMorocco vs South Africa11 pm
2nd FebNigeria vs Angola8 pm
2nd FebDR Congo vs Guinea11 pm
3rd FebMali vs Ivory Coast8 pm
3rd FebCape Verde vs South Africa11 pm
7th FebNigeria vs South Africa8 pm
7th FebIvory Coast vs DR Congo11 pm
Sat 10th FebSouth Africa vs DR Congo11 pm
Sun 11th FebNigeria vs Ivory Coast11pm
AFCON Fixtures Schedule Kenyan time(EAT)

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