M-Pesa Transaction Charges Calculator (2024)

M-Pesa Transaction Charges Calculator is a free tool that helps M-Pesa users in 2024 to calculate their transaction rates based on the amount and the type of transaction. This free tool is accurate and will come in handy for anyone looking to know the cost of a transaction as quickly as possible. To see a chart of the M-Pesa rates in 2024 see our article on the M-Pesa Charges 2024.

The information of this tool is based on the Safaricom M-Pesa rates updated this year so you do not have to worry about its accuracy. It is 100% correct.

How to use the M-Pesa Transaction Charges Calculator

Here is a list of steps on how to use this calculator:

  1. Select Transaction Type: The transaction type can be selected from the dropdown in the form e.g. transfer to other M-Pesa users or withdrawal from an M-Pesa agent. Select the appropriate type and go to step 2.
  2. Enter Transaction Amount (KSH): Enter the amount you want to transact e.g. 5000, 3500 etc.
  3. Click “Calculate Transaction Cost”: Click the button and wait a millisecond for the transaction cost.

Now you can go ahead and make the transaction you wanted to.

Useful information from Safaricom about M-Pesa Transactions in 2024

  1. Other Transactions Fees:
    • All Deposits: KSHS FREE
    • M-PESA Registration: FREE
    • Buying Airtime through M-PESA: FREE
    • M-PESA Balance Enquiry: FREE
    • Change M-PESA PIN: FREE
  2. Limits and Restrictions:
    • Maximum Account Balance: Kshs. 500,000
    • Maximum Daily Transaction Value: Kshs. 500,000
    • Maximum Amount per Transaction: Kshs. 250,000
    • Minimum Withdrawal at M-PESA Agent: Kshs. 50
  3. M-Pesa Self-Reversal:
    • To initiate M-PESA person-to-person self-reversal, send the transaction confirmation to 456
  4. Account Activation:
    • To transact, your Safaricom line and M-PESA account must be active.
  5. Deposit Regulations:
    • Funds can be deposited only into an M-PESA account registered under the individual’s identification document (ID).
    • Depositing directly into third-party accounts is not allowed.
  6. Bonga Points:
    • You will earn Bonga Points from the M-PESA fee charged during transactions.
  7. Identification Requirement at M-PESA Agent Outlet:
    • To transact at any M-PESA agent outlet, you need to produce your original identification document with which the M-PESA was registered, i.e., National ID or Kenyan Passport.
  8. Application Charges:
    • Dial *334# to view application charges or use the M-PESA cost calculator on My Safaricom App.