The Kitchen (2023) Film: A Dystopian Journey in London’s Last Haven

Welcome to the gripping world of “The Kitchen” (2023), a dystopian thriller directed by Daniel Kaluuya and Kibwe Tavares. In a future London where social housing is eradicated, Izi and Benji navigate their lives as residents of The Kitchen, the last standing community in a city of disparity.

The Kitchen (2023) Film
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“The Kitchen” is a 1-hour 47-minute film that explores a dystopian future London, emphasizing the stark division between the rich and the poor. The film follows Izi and Benji as they struggle to forge a relationship in a system that is stacked against them.

Cast and Crew

Directed by Daniel Kaluuya and Kibwe Tavares, the film features a stellar cast, including Kano, Jedaiah Bannerman, and Hope Ikpoku Jnr. Dive into the intricate storyline crafted by writers Daniel Kaluuya and Joe Murtagh.

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User and Critic Reviews

With 58 user reviews, 40 critic reviews, and a Metascore of 66, “The Kitchen” has garnered attention for its unique portrayal of a community refusing to abandon their home. The film has received 2 wins and 1 nomination at prestigious awards.

The Kitchen 2023 Official Trailer

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Experience the dystopian atmosphere through two official trailers, offering glimpses into the challenging world of The Kitchen. Ten captivating photos showcase key moments featuring the talented cast.

Plot Summary

In a dystopian London, The Kitchen stands as the last bastion of community amidst widespread social housing elimination. Izi, living in The Kitchen by necessity, and 12-year-old Benji, searching for family, form an unlikely pair struggling against a system designed against them.


Uncover interesting trivia, such as the real-life inspiration for the character Lord Kitchener, as mentioned in the movie. Learn about the filming locations in London, England, and explore the production companies behind this compelling film.

Critical Review

A featured review on IMDb highlights the film’s visual aesthetics but criticizes its lack of substantive futuristic elements shaping the narrative. The reviewer rates the film 3 out of 10, expressing disappointment in the disconnected characters and unsatisfying conclusion.

Film Details

Find out the film’s release date, debuting in the United States on January 19, 2024. Discover technical specifications, including a runtime of 1 hour 47 minutes, color visuals, and Dolby Atmos sound mix.


“The Kitchen” (2023) takes audiences on a dystopian journey through the last haven in London. Despite varying opinions, the film stands as a testament to the struggles of a community fighting against eviction and poverty.

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FAQ: How long is The Kitchen? The film has a runtime of 1 hour 47 minutes.

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