AFCON 2021:TV Channel, Fixtures, Dates and Kick-off times

Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021 is here with us after being postponed last year due to the Covid-19 has gathered all you need to know including AFCON 2021 TV channel start date, fixtures and their kick-off times.

What is it?

The Africa Cup of Nations(AFCON) is an African competition just like the Copa America for South America and Euro for Europe meant to determine the Kings of African Football.AFCON 2021 is the 33rd edition of the competition and is set to be held in 2022 after being postponed last year due to the ongoing pandemic.

afcon 2021 tv channel
Mr. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, Minister of Sports and Physical Education looks on December 7, 2021, to the Africa Cup of Nations trophy presented today in Yaounde by the General Manager of Total Energie in Cameroon Adrien Bechonnet(Photo by DANIEL BELOUMOU OLOMO/AFP via Getty Images)

When is AFCON 2021 starting and ending?

AFCON 2021 starts on Sunday, January 9, 2022, and ends on Sunday, February 6 2022.

Which country is hosting AFCON 2021?

AFCON 2021 will be hosted by Cameroon. Confederation of African Football(CAF) had stripped Cameroon of its hosting of the AFCON 2019 but handed them the 2021 edition.

How many teams will participate in AFCON 2021?

24 teams will participate in AFCON 2021 and have been divided into 6 groups.

When is the AFCON 2021 Final?

The final will be played on Sunday, February 6 2022 at Olembe Stadium in Yaounde, Cameroon. The AFCON 2021 final will kick off at 10 pm Kenyan time(EAT).

Who has AFCON 2021 TV rights? Who are theAFCON 2022 broadcasters

Who will broadcast the AFCON 2021? AFCON 2022 broadcasters? How to watch AFCON 2021? AFCON 2021 TV rights? Here you will know which TV Channel has the broadcast rights to air AFCON 2021 in the UK, US, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Which TV Channel will show AFCON 2021 in the UK? AFCON 2022 broadcasters UK

In the UK, Sky Sports will show the entire 52 games of the 2022 competition while the BBC will show ten matches including the final.

Which TV Channel will show AFCON 2021 in the United States(US)? AFCON 2022 broadcasters UK

In the US, beIN Sport has acquired the rights to broadcast AFCON 2021 within the country.

Which TV Channel will show AFCON 2021 in Kenya? AFCON 2022 broadcasters Kenya

In Kenya, AFCON 2021 will be shown live for free by K24 TV which has acquired broadcast rights to air the competition to viewers in Kenya, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC). K24 TV will also broadcast all these matches via live stream through the K24 Plus app.

The 52 matches will also be broadcast live on Supersport Football Plus which will be renamed Supersport AFCON for the whole period of the competition.

Which TV Channel will show AFCON 2021 in Nigeria? AFCON 2022 broadcasters Nigeria

For fans in Nigeria, AFCON 2021 will be broadcast live on Supersport available on DStv.Super Eagles(Nigeria National team)’s matches will be shown live on NTA and live stream will be available on NFF.

Which TV Channel will show AFCON 2021 in Ghana? AFCON 2022 broadcasters Ghana

In Ghana. the Africa cup of Nations will be broadcast on free-to-air channels GTV and GTV Sports Plus. The matches will also be live on Supersport available on DStv.

Which TV Channel will show AFCON 2021 in South Africa? AFCON 2022 broadcasters South Africa

In South Africa, AFCOn 2021 will be broadcast live on Supersport with live stream available on the DStv app.

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AFCON 2021 Groups

Group A

  1. Cameroon
  2. Burkina Faso
  3. Cape Verde
  4. Ethiopia

Group B

  1. Senegal
  2. Guinea
  3. Malawi
  4. ZImbabwe

Group C

  1. Morocco
  2. Ghana
  3. Gabon
  4. Comoros

Group D

  1. Egypt
  2. Nigeria
  3. Guinea Bissau
  4. Sudan

Group E

  1. Algeria
  2. Ivory Coast
  3. Equitorial Guinea
  4. Sierra Leone

Group F

  1. Tunisia
  2. Mali
  3. Mauritania
  4. Gambia

AFCON 2021 Group Stage fixtures

DateGroupFixtureKick-off time(Kenyan time)
Sun Jan 9ACameron vs Burkina Faso7 pm
AEthiopia vs Cape Verde10 pm
Mon Jan 10BSenegal vs Zimbabwe4 pm
BGuinea vs Malawi7 pm
CMorocco vs Ghana7 pm
CComoros vs Gabon10 pm
Tue Jan 11EAlgeria vs Sirerra Leone4 pm
DNigeria vs Egypt7 pm
DSudan vs Guinea-Bissau10 pm
Wed Jan 12FTunisia vs Mali4 pm
FMauritania vs Gambia7 pm
EEquatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast10 pm
Thur Jan 13ACameroon vs Ethiopia7 pm
ACape Verde vs Burkina Faso10 pm
Fri Jan 14BSenegal vs Guinea4 pm
BMalawi vs Zimbabwe7 pm
CMorocco vs Comoros7 pm
CGabon vs Ghana10 pm
Sat Jan 15DNigeria vs Sudan7 pm
DGuinea-Bissau vs Egypt10 pm
Sun Jan 16 FGambia vs Mali4 pm
EIvory Coast vs Sierra Leone7 pm
FTunisia vs Mauritania7 pm
EAlgeria vs Equatorial Guinea10 pm
Mon Jan 17ABurkina Faso vs Ethiopia7 pm
ACape Verde vs Cameroon7 pm
Tue Jan 18BMalawi vs Senegal7 pm
CGabon vs Morocco10 pm
CGhana vs Comoros10 pm
Wed Jan 19DEgypt vs Sudan10 pm
DGuinea-Bissau vs Nigeria10 pm
Thur Jan 20EIvory Coast vs Algeria7 pm
ESierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea7 pm
FGambia vs Tunisia10 pm
FMali vs Mauritania10 pm

AFCON 2021 Round of 16 fixtures

DateFixtureKick-off time(Kenyan time)
Sun Jan 23Group A runners-up vs Group C runners-up7 pm
Group D winners vs Third in Group B/E/F10 pm
Mon Jan 24Group B runners-up vs Group F runners-up7 pm
Group A winners vs Third in Group C/D/E10 pm
Tue Jan 25Group B winners vs Third in Group A/C/D7 pm
Group C winners vs Third in Group A/B/F10 pm
Wed Jan 26Group E winners vs Group D runners-up7 pm
Group F winners vs Group E runners-up10 pm

When is the AFCON 2021 Quarter-finals fixtures?

AFCON 2021 quarter-final fixtures start on Saturday, January 29 and end on Sunday, January 20 2022.

When is the AFCON 2021 Semi-finals fixtures?

AFCON 2021 semi-finals fixtures are scheduled to start on Wednesday, February 2 and end on Thursday, February 3.

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