KTN Euro 2020 Schedule:All Euro 2020 matches that will be on KTN Home

Kenya’s KTN TV channel announced that it will air the entire Euro 2020 campaign for free to all its Kenyan viewers. However, things did not go according to plan as the media company only aired Turkey vs Italy(the opener) but failed to air Saturday’s matches. The media company has now announced its Euro 2020 schedule on the matches that it will air to Kenyans.Kenyastax.com has compiled all the information about KTN Euro 2020 schedule from day 1 to the final.

Will KTN air Euro 2020 final?

Yes. KTN will air Euro 2020 final between Italy vs England that takes place at Wembley stadium in London. KTN will also air both semi-finals according to its Euro 2020 schedule below.

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KTN Euro 2020 schedule

MatchDateKick-off time
Turkey vs ItalyJune 11 202110 pm
England vs CroatiaJune 13 20214 pm
France vs GermanyJune 15 202110 pm
Denmark vs BelgiumJune 17 20217 pm
Spain vs PolandJune 19 202110 pm
Portugal vs FranceJune 23 202110 pm
Best Round of 16 matchJune 26 20217 pm/10 pm
Best Round of 16 matchJune 27 20217 pm/10 pm
Best Round of 16 matchJune 28 20217 pm/10 pm
Best Round of 16 matchJune 28 20217 pm/10 pm
Best Quarter-finals matchJuly 2 20217 pm/10 pm
Best Quarter-finals matchJuly 3 20217 pm/10 pm
Italy vs SpainJuly 6 202110 pm
England vs DemarkJuly 7 202110 pm
Final: Italy vs EnglandJuly 11 202110 pm

*All kick-off times above are in Kenyan time(East Africa Timezone)

As you have seen above, all the matches that KTN will air are the biggest matches. This means that even if Kenyans cannot watch all the Euro 2020 matches on KTN, they will not miss the most important ones like Portugal vs France and Germany vs France.

If you have no access to the TV, you can live stream these matches on KTN’s website.


  1. Citizen wanaibanga kura fr ..my best channel since I was a kid ..you’re all round across age and gender achana hawa wa afroo sita kwa siku ..home is the Best

  2. Does it mean KTN will cover all matches from the round of 16 to the final?

  3. Author

    Nope.KTN will air only one round of 16 match from June 26th to June 28th. There will be two matches each day and KTN will air the best of the two. The same will apply for the quarter-finals stage,KTN will air one quarter-final (the best of the two on both days). As for the semi-finals and the final KTN will air all the three matches

  4. So tonight we shall watch the Belgium game?

    1. Author

      Nope, Belgium is not playing tonight. Today it’s Wales vs Denmark and Italy vs Austria.KTN will air Italy vs Austria.

      1. Thank you if you will air todays game of Italy Vs Austria

  5. hope you will air tonight Italy game

  6. Will ktn air belgium vs portugal today

    1. Author

      Yes, I think so because according to their schedule, they said they will air the best of the two matches each day. The best one today is obviously Belgium vs Portugal

  7. Please confirm to us if we should expect today’s big match; ie Belgium vs Portugal or we should look for an altanative..thanks for being the best TV station in Kenya.

  8. Hello KTN, its the fans wish that you’ll air England Vs Germany, thank you

  9. Hope you will air today’s game England vs Germany

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