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Title: Lovely, Dark, and Deep
Release Date: 2023 (United States)
Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes
Language: English
Color: Color

Official Site: Horror Brains

Lovely, Dark and Deep Horror Movie Official Trailer

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Lovely, Dark, and Deep” (2023), directed and written by Teresa Sutherland, presents the story of Lennon, portrayed by Georgina Campbell, a new back-country ranger on a solitary journey through perilous wilderness. Her quest is driven by the desire to uncover the origins of a tragedy that has haunted her since childhood. Alongside Campbell, the film features Nick Blood and Wai Ching Ho in prominent roles. Initially promising with its premise of a ranger entangled in a missing person’s case, the movie takes a disappointing turn by delving into a trippy and metaphorical narrative without establishing sufficient groundwork about the protagonist’s past and motivations. Viewers find themselves amidst a landscape of hallucinations that lack meaningful connection to the core storyline, leading to a sense of disengagement. Ultimately, the film’s ending falls short of expectations, leaving audiences feeling unsatisfied. Despite its atmospheric setting and potential, “Lovely, Dark, and Deep” struggles to deliver a cohesive and compelling narrative, ultimately failing to make the most of its intriguing premise.

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