Land of Bad 2024 Movie

Overview:In “Land of Bad,” directed by William Eubank, viewers are thrust into a high-stakes scenario where an Air Force pilot named Sgt. JJ Kinney, played by Liam Hemsworth, finds himself supporting a special ops team. Their mission, which has gone awry, transitions into a desperate rescue operation amidst a harrowingContinue Reading

Borderlands 2024 Film Download movie download

Title: BorderlandsYear: 2024Runtime: 1h 42mRating: Not RatedDirector: Eli RothWriters: Eli Roth, Joe Crombie Borderlands 2024 Film Official Trailer Stars: Plot Summary:“Borderlands” is a feature film based on the popular video game set on the abandoned fictional planet of Pandora. The story follows a group of individuals searching for a mysteriousContinue Reading

Lovely, Dark and Deep Horror Moviemoviedownload

Title: Lovely, Dark, and DeepRelease Date: 2023 (United States)Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutesLanguage: EnglishColor: Color Official Site: Horror Brains Lovely, Dark and Deep Horror Movie Official Trailer Overview:“Lovely, Dark, and Deep” (2023), directed and written by Teresa Sutherland, presents the story of Lennon, portrayed by Georgina Campbell, a new back-countryContinue Reading


Title: Mea CulpaRelease Date: February 23, 2024 (United States)Runtime: 2 hoursLanguage: EnglishColor: ColorSound Mix: Dolby Digital Where to Watch: Netflix (Official Site) Mea Culpa Official Trailer Overview:“Mea Culpa” (2024), directed and written by Tyler Perry, centers around an ambitious criminal defense attorney named Mea, played by Kelly Rowland. In herContinue Reading


Title: Red Right HandRelease Date: February 23, 2024 (United States)Runtime: 1 hour 51 minutesLanguage: EnglishColor: Color Red Right Hand Official Trailer Overview:“Red Right Hand” (2024), directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms, follows the story of Cash, portrayed by Orlando Bloom, who is striving to lead an honest and quietContinue Reading

One Too Many 1950 Movie Download

Title: One Too ManyRelease Date: December 1950 (United States)Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutesLanguage: EnglishColor: Black and WhiteAspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1 One Too Many Trailer Overview:“One Too Many” (1950) directed by Erle C. Kenton portrays the tragic story of a once-famous concert pianist whose career has been shattered by alcoholism.Continue Reading