How to Fuliza Mpesa: Easy Guide[2021]

This post contains an easy guide on how you can Fuliza Mpesa with ease.


What is Fuliza Mpesa?

This is a service provided by Safaricom to its Mpesa users that enables them to complete financial transactions on Mpesa when they have insufficient funds. This service basically allows you to send money to another person or pay your bills when your Mpesa balance is not enough to do so. To use the service, you must register first.

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How do I register for Fuliza Mpesa?

  1. Dial *234# on your mobile phone -You will get a pop-up box displaying 0:Fuliza Mpesa,1:Mpesa products,2:Mpesa Business Till etc.
  2. Enter “0” to select Fuliza Mpesa then Send – You will get a prompt stating: Want to join Fuliza Mpesa? Great! This service is offered in partnership with our bank partner(s). Get started?
  3. Enter “1” to select “Yes” then Send.
  4. You will now be prompted to review Safaricom’s terms and conditions
  5. Once you are done reading and are satisfied enter “1” then send.
  6. You will now receive a confirmation message from Mpesa stating how much money you can access.

The confirmation message should look like the one below:

Dear Kenyastax, you have successfully opted into Fuliza Mpesa. Enjoy a limit of Ksh 5,000 at an access fee of 1% and a daily fee of Kshs 0-30 on the outstanding balance.


How To Fuliza Mpesa

For this article, I will base my guide on how to Fuliza Mpesa when sending money to another person when you have insufficient balance. This process works the same for those who want to use Fuliza Mpesa for Lipa Na Mpesa services(Paybill and Buy Goods payments).

  1. Go to your Mpesa menu on your phone's SIM Toolskit.

    Do this by opening the SIM Toolskit then select Mpesa.SIM toolskit

  2. Go to Send Money

    Do this by selecting “Send Money”.send money

  3. Go to Enter your phone number

    Do this by selecting “Enter phone no.”enter phone no menu

  4. Enter the number

    This is the phone number of the person you want to Fuliza the money to.Mpesa number

  5. Enter amount

    This is the amount you want the person to receive.fuliza amount

  6. Enter your Mpesa pin and Confirm the transaction

    You will get a prompt to use Fuliza because you have insufficient Mpesa balance. Select “Yes” to proceed to use Fuliza. You will incur normal Mpesa transaction rates when you Fuliza the money. You will also be charged a small fee by Fuliza to facilitate the transaction.mpesa pin

  7. You will receive a confirmation message from Mpesa

    This message confirms that you have successfully sent money to the recipient and informs you of the transaction cost you have incurred.

  8. You will receive a message from Fuliza Mpesa

    This message contains the fee charged for that transaction and your total Fuliza outstanding balance.

That’s it, you have successfully known how to Fuliza. Now let’s see the interest rates that are charged.


Fuliza Mpesa Interest rates

  • KES 0-100: KES 2 per day.
  • KES 101-500: KES 5 per day.
  • KES 501-1000: KES 10 per day.
  • KES 1001-1500: KES 20 per day.
  • KES 1501-2500: KES 25 per day.
  • KES 2501-70000: KES 30 per day.

See the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on this topic below

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  • How do I withdraw from Fuliza?

    You cannot withdraw Fuliza funds. You can only use the funds to perform Mpesa transactions such as “Lipa Na Mpesa” as well as “Send Money”.

  • How do I grow my Fuliza limit?

    Repay your Fuliza Mpesa on time by topping up your M-PESA account and continue using Safaricom and Mpesa services frequently.

  • How much will I be charged for using Fuliza Mpesa?

    You will be charged a one-off Interest rate of 1.083% and a daily administrative fee on the outstanding balance as per the list above. Normal Mpesa transaction charges apply.

  • How many times can one Fuliza?

    You can Fuliza as many times as required as long as you are within the allocated Fuliza Mpesa limit.

  • Which Mpesa transactions can I complete using Fuliza Mpesa?

    Lipa Na Mpesa: Buy goods and Paybill as well as Send money.


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