M-Pesa Reversal [Easy Guide]: How to reverse money sent to wrong number,wrong M-pesa paybill and M-pesa agent reversal[2020]

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Today,get to know how you can do an M-Pesa reversal after sending money to wrong number,wrong M-Pesa paybill and if you are an M-Pesa agent know how to do an M-Pesa agent reversal.

M-Pesa is Africa’s biggest mobile money service launched by Vodacom and Kenya’s Safaricom to enable users send and receive money via their phones.M-Pesa started in Kenya and has quickly expanded to other countries in and outside Africa.With M-Pesa, you can deposit and withdraw money,pay bills ,buy airtime and transfer money to other users etc.

In Kenya, sending or withdrawing money is now a common practice with M-Pesa being in Kenya for more than a decade.Specific M-Pesa rates/charges are incurred when sending or withdrawing money.Sending money to other countries via M-Pesa is now possible through M-Pesa to Paypal service.The reverse is also possible through the Paypal to M-Pesa service that allows customers to withdraw directly from Paypal to their M-Pesa accounts.Kenyans can also pay for goods,bills and subscriptions through M-Pesa with companies like Jumia and DSTv incorporating the M-Pesa payments system into their business.

A common problem affecting most Kenyans using M-Pesa is making errors when transacting on M-Pesa.These errors include sending money to a wrong number,paying using a wrong paybill or M-Pesa agents making errors when depositing money into a customer’s account.These issues are the ones i will address below.

What is it?

M-pesa reversal solution for a customer or M-pesa agent who has made an error when doing an M-Pesa transaction.

How Do i reverse money sent to wrong M-Pesa number?

Once you have realised you have sent money to the wrong M-Pesa number,do the following IMMEDIATELY.

  • Go to the SMS you have received from M-Pesa after the erroneous transaction.
  • COPY that M-Pesa message.
  • Create a BLANK message and PASTE the M-Pesa SMS you copied above.
  • Send that MESSAGE to the number 456.(No costs incurred).
  • Safaricom will do their best to reverse the transaction and send your money back.

The reversal process involves Safaricom notifying both the sender and the wrong recipient before the money is frozen on the latter’s account.

You can also do a reversal by using Safaricom’s Zuri bot via the chatbot on Telegram.Once you have opened the app go to Zuri’s chat bot and select “M-Pesa customer to customer reversal”.You will be prompted by Zuri to input the whole M-Pesa SMS for processing.That’s all you have to do for the reversal to be processed.

To avoid having to do a reversal take advantage of the M-Pesa confirmation pop-up before sending money.The pop-up allows you to send any text within 25 seconds for the transaction to be cancelled and the money is not sent.

How Do i reverse money sent to wrong Paybill number[Lipa Na M-Pesa]?

This involves the same process as the one above but there are also other ways which we’ll discuss ahead.

Step 1: Forward M-Pesa SMS to 456

Firstly, you need to forward the M-Pesa SMS or text message that you received after making the transaction to the shortcode 456.When you do this ,the reversal process begins and a refund should be made within 24hrs.

Step 2: Send the word Reverse to 100 or 234 followed by transaction SMS

This is an easy step like the first one in that you just need to send the word “reverse” to 100 or 234 followed by the transaction SMS received.Alternatively, you can call 234 and wait for a customer service agent to help you.You may have to be patient for a while to get a customer service agent to attend to you.

Step 3: Contact the M-Pesa Paybill’s Merchant

If you know the merchant of the paybill you used ,contact them and they will guide you on how to do the reversal.If you do not know the Paybill’s merchant ,contact Safaricom via 191 and ask for the merchant.The business associated with that pabill

How long does an M-Pesa reversal take?

An M-Pesa reversal usually takes Safaricom 24 to 48hrs to successfully execute.

How Do i do a reversal as an M-pesa agent?

The reversal process for an M-Pesa agent is simple.The agent needs to send the SMS or text message to 2530.They will receive a message in no time confirming successful delivery.

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The M-Pesa agent can also do the following process to perform a reversal

  • Dial *234#.
  • Select “M-Pesa Agent Services” at option 3 and Send.
  • Choose “Reversal Request” at option 1.
  • Enter the Transaction ID and you are done.
  • For more assistance you can always call 234.

That is basically how to reverse money sent to wrong number,paybill or how to do a reversal as an M-Pesa agent.

My parting shot is you should always double-check your details before confirming an M-Pesa transaction.

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