Essential Jumia Service Clients(Jumia Contacts) in 2022

Jumia service client (Jumia contacts)? Jumia food service client? Jumia service client réclamation, Jumia service client téléphone Tunisie, Jumia service client numéro? Numéro service client Jumia Algérie?

Jumia service client Jumia contacts

What is it?

Jumia client service. As a Jumia customer, you may have ordered a product on Jumia and failed to receive it or you receive it in a damaged state. This will surely disappoint you and you will need someone who can listen to your complaints. On the other hand, you may be looking to make an order but you don’t what to do.

That’s where Jumia service client or basically Jumia contacts come in. These are services you can use to contact Jumia. has compiled the Jumia service client, Jumia contacts for major countries in Africa including Jumia Maroc(Morocco), Jumia Tunisie(Tunisia), Jumia Kenya, Jumia Egypt, Jumia Nigeria and Jumia South Africa. Also included, are the Jumia food service client téléphone, Jumia food contacts Kenya, Tunisia ,Morocco.

If you need to order on Jumia directly from the website/app without contacting them and don’t know how to, see our post on how to order on Jumia.

Jumia Morocco customer service(Service Client Jumia Maroc)

Phone number(Numéro de téléphone)05 22 04 19 20
To place your order(pour passer votre commande)05 22 04 18 18
Service Hours(Heures de service)Mon-Sun(9am-7pm)

Jumia Tunisia customer service( Jumia Tunisie service cient)

Phone number(Numéro de téléphone)31,320,900
To place your order (pour passer votre commande)31,320,903
Service Hours Mon-Fri(8am-8pm)

Jumia Algeria customer service( Jumia Algérie service cient)

Phone number(Numéro de téléphone)31,320,900
To place your order (pour passer votre commande)31,320,903
Service Hours Mon-Sun(10am-11pm)

Jumia Kenya Contacts

Customer care number(for order placement)0700000990/
Email[email protected]
Service HoursMon-Fri(8am-8pm);
Public holidays(9am-3pm)

Jumia South Africa Contacts

Jumia South Africa
Customer care number0861007701
Service HoursMon(8:30am-5:00pm);
Weekends & Public holidays(CLOSED)

Jumia Nigeria Contacts

Jumia Nigeria
Customer Care number07006000000
Email[email protected]
Service HoursMon-Fri(8am-5:30pm);
Public Holidays(9am-5pm)

Jumia Egypt Contacts

Customer service number15204
Email[email protected]
Service HoursSun-Thur(10am-6pm)

Jumia Senegal Service client(Jumia Senegal Contact)

Customer service number30 102 21 21
30 102 21 22
78 606 21 63
Service HoursMon-Sat(9am-7pm)

Jumia Ghana Service client(Jumia Ghana Contact)

Customer care number0302 740 642
0302 740 640
Email[email protected]
Service Hours Mon-Fri(8:30am-5:30pm)

Jumia Ivory Coast Service Client(Jumia Ivory Coast Contact)

Customer care number25 20 00 61 61
27 21 22 61 61
Email[email protected]
Service Hours Mon-Fri(8:00am-8:00pm)

Jumia Uganda Contacts

Customer care number0800 710 024
Email[email protected]
Service Hours Mon-Fri(8:30am-5pm)

Jumia Food Service Client Téléphone(Jumia Food contacts)

Morocco(Maroc)05 22 04 19 19
Kenya0709 768 000
Tunisia(Tunisie)31 320 902
Algeria(Algerie)023 98 27 00
Senegal30 102 21 21
Ivory Coast25 21 01 80 20
Ghana30 274 0650
South Africa0861007701
Uganda31 2308200

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