[New]All Mobile Banking USSD Codes,Paybills for all Banks[2021]

This post contains all mobile banking USSD codes and Paybills for all banks in Kenya.All these codes and Paybills can be used by customers to transfer money from their bank account to Mpesa and from Mpesa to their bank account.Lets get right into the details.

What is it?

A table containing all mobile banking USSD codes and Paybills for all banks in Kenya.

Mobile banking USSD Codes and Paybill
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What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or financial institution that allows its customers to make transactions using their cell phone.In Kenya,mobile banking is popular in major banks such as KCB,Equity,Family Bank and Standard Chartered just to mention a few.

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What is a USSD code?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a global system of mobile communications (GSM) that is used to send text messages.Mobile banking USSD code provides financial services via cell phones without requiring access to the user’s sim card.

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What is a Paybill?

Paybill is a service that enables an organisation to collect cash from its customers on a regular basis through Mpesa.In this case it is a bank that collects cash from its customers when they decide to deposit to their account via their cell phones.

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Now that you are a bit educated on the key terms,lets see the USSD codes and Paybills for most searched for banks.

Most searched for Mobile banking USSD codes and Paybills

  1. Equity bank
    • USSD Code : *247#
    • Paybill : 247247
  2. KCB Bank
    • USSD Code : *522#
    • Paybill : 522522
  3. Family Bank Ltd
    • USSD Code : *325#
    • Paybill : 222111
  4. Standard Chartered
    • USSD Code : *722#
    • Paybill : 329329
  5. Diamond Trust Bank(DTB)
    • USSD Code : *382#
    • Paybill : 516600

Lets now see the full table of all the mobile banking USSD codes and Paybill numbers for all banks in Kenya.

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  • LTD – Limited
  • DTM – Deposit Taking Microfinance

All Mobile Banking USSD Codes and Paybills

(Bank to Mpesa)
(Mpesa to Bank)
Absa(formerly Barclays*224#303030
Bank Of Africa(BOA)*987#972900
CFC Stanbic*208#600100
Chase Bank*275#552800
Consolidated Bank LTD.*262#508400
Commercial Bank Of Africa*654#880100
Co-operative Bank*667#400200
Credit Bank*699#972700
Diamond Trust Bank(DTB)*385#516600
Equatorial Commercial Bank*286#498100
Equity Bank*247#247247
Family Bank TLD.*325#222111
Gulf African Bank*399#985050
Guardian Bank*356#344501
Guaranty Trust BankAPP910200
Housing Finance Company LTD.*231#100400
I&M Bank LTD.*458#542542
Imperial Bank LTD.*356#800100
Jamii Bora Bank*344#529901
KCB Bank*522#522522
K-REP Bank*527#111999
National Bank*625#547700
NIC Bank LTD.*488#/APP488488
Post Office Savings Bank*498#200999
Prime BankAPP982800
Standard Chartered Bank*722#329329
Transnational Bank*862#862862
UBA Bank*368#555900
(Bank to Mpesa)
(Mpesa to Bank)
KWFT DTM*378#101200
Rafiki DTM*366#802200
SMEP DTM*741#777001
Vision Fund Kenya*985#205555

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