Top 10 Best 32-Inch Smart TVs In Kenya [2020]

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Are you looking for a 32-inch smart TV that suits you and your family?If so,then you’re in good company.In this post ,I will list the 10 best 32-inch Smart TVs in Kenya that you should consider when purchasing your TV.

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Where can I purchase a Smart TV?

One of the main questions people ask is where they can find legit electronics shops to purchase their TVs.Well,you can purchase your Smart TV in Kenya at trusted electronics shops in your area.In Nairobi,Kenya find trusted electronics shops at the CBD especially the most popular Luthuli Avenue.You can also purchase at supermarkets such as Tuskys,Naivas and other electronics shops.However,you should be careful when purchasing TVs at Luthuli.You may purchase a second-hand TV at a brand new TV price.This is outrageous right,so yes be careful when purchasing TVs in town.You do not want to buy a used Smart TV at a high price at all.

Read more about purchasing a TV at Luthuli Avenue

The safest way is to purchase a TV at online shops like Jumia and Amazon which is the biggest ecommerce store on the planet.These are the only online shops trusted by shoppers in Kenya that i would recommend to anyone looking to purchase his TV online.

If you want to order on Jumia and do not know how to, check out how to place an order on Jumia Kenya and get your smart TV home. If you want to order from Amazon,read this guide on how you can order and receive your smart TV at your doorstep.

Note:These Smart TVs are just a selection and are recommended to anyone looking to purchase.Feel free to purchase any TV whether listed below or not so long as it suits your preferences.The Smart TVs listed below are of different prices but do not exceed 25k.

Below is a List Of Top 10 Best 32-Inch Smart TVs in Kenya[2020]

1.Skyworth TB7000 32″ Smart Android TV

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.15,799


2.Hisense 32B6600PA-32″ Smart TV

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.19,900


3.Vision Plus VP8832S Frame-less Smart Android LED TV.

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.14,999


4.BRUHM BTF-32HDTSP LED Smart &Digital TV

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.16,900


5.TCL S68A 32″ Frameless Android Smart TV

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.16,995


6.Samsung UA32N5300AK-32″HD Smart LED TV

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.24,900


7.Samsung UA32N5300AK 32″HD Smart Digital TV

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.21,950


8.Syinix 32T730 32″ Smart TV

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.16,200


9.Samsung 32N5300 32″ HD Flat Smart TV-Series 5

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.22,100


10.Skyworth 32TB7000 32″ Smart Android LED TV-Frameless

checkout specs
  • Price:Ksh.17,399


Those are the best 32-inch Smart TVs you should buy if you are on a budget and are looking to get a smart TV of great quality.

Feel free to comment below for any queries and suggestions regarding this post.

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